Reel 250 E

03 Cylindrical barrelled delivery spools IEC 60264-2-1, 19 Reels and reel containers

  • Single-use
  • Winding material : Low carbon wires, Extruded cables
  • Material : PS   |   Material Information
  • Standard winding volume : 4637 cm³
  • Central bore Ø : 22 mm
  • Catalogue categorization: 03 Cylindrical barrelled delivery spools IEC 60264-2-1, 19 Reels and reel containers
  • DIN EN 60264-2-1 Cylindrically barrelled delivery spools - Dimensions
  • DIN EN 60264-2-3 Single-use spool with cylindrically barrelled delivery - Spezification

Technical data - spools


Flange Ø Barrel Ø Central bore Ø Width Winding width Flange thickness Winding-
Central bore Ø
tapered part
d1 [mm] d2 [mm] d3 [mm] L1 [mm] L2 [mm] S [mm] V [cm³] d4 [mm] d5 [mm] E1 [mm]
250 160 16 - 22 200 160 20 4637 34 2x13 32


Designation Outer Ø Overall height Inner Ø bottom Inner Ø top
d1 maxh1 maxd2d3h2 min
Container VB 250 304273---


Designation Cardboard box Cardboard box weight Cardboard box Outside Deminsions Pallets Pallet weight Pallet's external dimensions
piece kg cm piece kg cm
Reel 250 E 18 14.8 68x44x71 240 184 106x129x177
Container VB 250 - - 96 154 112x120x188

If pallet packaging is indicated, this is the preferred method of packing the spools. Please note that the pallets must not be stored in direct sunlight, as the heat build-up may cause the plastic to warp permanently.

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