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Should you not find what you are looking for among the 1,400+ spool variants in our range, we will work with you from start to finish to manufacture the perfect product for your particular application.
Our quality management according to ISO 9001 also covers the design process of a product.
This makes custom designs for your very individual applications possible.
Depending on your requirements, we can develop a high-precision solution or an economical variant.
Our sales department will respond immediately to your enquiries.
You can rely on their answers.
Häfner has representatives in a lot of European countries; customers from overseas contact Häfner directly.
In the area of environmental protection, we offer you system solutions for collection containers.

Project Management & Development

Häfner works with you from start to finish to manufacture the perfect product for your particular application.
Our project management is certified according to ISO 9001, and CAD/CAM software is used in the manufacture of our injection moulding tools.
With the help of simulation programs like Moldflow, we conduct virtual tests on on our engineering results.
This answers important questions and allows optimization of the design of the mould tool and the product before the mould tools are manufactured.
We show you the products before a single piece is produced.
We calculate the rheological properties and determine the optimal production cycle.


Häfner makes its own injection moulding tools.
This enables the company to respond flexibly to all your requirements.
Our toolmakers are fully integrated into the company and close to the product.
They can adapt a mould tool to new requirements or manufacture it from scratch in no time.
The components of the mould tools are manufactured by highly trained specialists on high-speed milling machines with up to 30,000 rpm.
At Häfner, a prototype is subjected to thorough examination before going into production.
Its static and dynamic properties are tested and the measurement logs are evaluated using statistical methods.
The pilot series production is coordinated with you, the customer.


Logistics centre

Häfner customers know they can depend on the company's sophisticated warehouse logistics.
Around 1,400 spool variants and environmental containers are stored on an area of over 5,000 square metres.
This enables Häfner to dispatch even unusual and rarely ordered items within a short time.
The logistics team delivers to 44 countries worldwide every day, and if stocks run low, sufficient machine capacities ensure reserves.
Häfner can deliver complete truckloads within a matter of hours.
If desired, Häfner will furnish products with a label and a barcode, also according to VDA (German Automotive Industry Association) and KLT (small load carrier) standards.
Häfner can cater for all your requirements in its consignment warehouse.


Our Certification

Our quality management system has been ISO 9001-certified since 1997, and our environmental management system has been ISO 14001-certified since 1999. In October 2012, our energy management system was certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001.