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Dear Customers,

dear Visitors,

as a part of a modern compliance system the Häffner & Krullmann GmbH (hereinafter: Häffner & Krullmann) has established a report system which you can use in case of any errors, irregularities or risks you may notice in our companies or within its supply chains. We strive to improve ourselves and are therefore willing to learn from your information, which can be given both anonymously or by giving your name.

Please note that the reporting system is only set up for those reports that concern violations of legal requirements on our part according to §§ 2, 3 HinSchG.

The reporting procedure is as follows:


1.         If you detect any violation of legal requirements or any risk of such a violation by Häffner & Krullmann, you may inform us about this. This also includes any form of violation of human or environmental rights, any risk of such a violation or any corresponding violation or risk along our supply chain.

You can send this information by mail via


or submit the information by phone via

+49 160 979 741 72

The information will be received and processed by the law firm BRANDI Rechtsanwälte in Detmold, Germany.

You can choose whether you stay anonymous or not while giving the information. In any case Häffner & Krullmann will not receive any information about your identity since only BRANDI Rechtsanwälte has access towards your message, not Häffner & Krullmann itself.

You choose the content of your information. However, we kindly ask you to be as specific as possible (What happened when and where? Is the risk or violation still continuing? Which persons or parts of the company are involved?). That way we can follow the information and end risks or violations as fast as possible.


2.         The reporting office will confirm the receipt of your message within seven days. However, this is only possible if you give any form of contact which the reporting office can respond to.

The reporting office will check

a.)        Whether the information given could be a reason for any risk or violation according to §§ 2, 3 HinSchG;

b.)        What kind of measure is necessary to end such risk or violation.

The reporting office might contact you again if further information is needed.

3.         The reporting office will inform Häffner & Krullmann about the content of your information (while preserving your anonymity).

While selecting the necessary measures the reporting office will also consult Häffner & Krullmann. However, the reporting office works independently from Häffner & Krullmann at all times and will not receive any instructions from Häffner & Krullmann concerning necessary measures.

The reporting office ensures that your information is treated with the same care, regardless of your identity. The reporting office also ensures that you will not receive any disadvantages from giving information since the reporting office will protect your identity.

However, the reporting office is authorized to share your identity with Häffner & Krullmann if you report false information intentionally or grossly negligently.

4.         The Reporting Office will inform you about the further progress and the measures taken. At least once a month, you will receive a report on the current status of the procedure. As soon as the necessary measures are completed you will receive a final report.

5.         Additionally you can submit any information about the same risks and violations to public reporting systems, which are for example:

a.)        The federal reporting system located at the „Bundesamt für Justiz“ (Federal Office of Justice): https://www.bundesjustizamt.de/DE/MeldestelledesBundes/MeldestelledesBundes_node.html );

b.)        The reporting system of the „Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleisutngsaufsicht“ (Federal Financial Supervisory Authority):


c.)        The reporting system of the „Bundeskartellamt“ (Federal Cartel Office):


Additionally, several reporting offices have been established in europe, i.e. at the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF), the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA), the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA); the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) and the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

Even though you can submit information to those reporting systems as well, we highly encourage you to use our reporting system instead.

By reporting risks or violations, you can help us to correct any errors at an early stage. Please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Our Certification

Our quality management system has been ISO 9001-certified since 1997, and our environmental management system has been ISO 14001-certified since 1999. In October 2012, our energy management system was certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001.