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20 Pressure rings

Pressure rings for the reliable processing of welding wire from drums They serve as pay-off discs in winding drums and thus prevent the upper coils in the wire container from slipping or forming loops


Pressure rings protect the wire in winding drums during transport by pressing down on the coil thus preventing slippage of the upper coils in the wire container.
When unwinding from the container, the pressure ring guides the wire and prevents looping.



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All dimensions, weights and loads stated are approximate values; tolerances and deviations which are customary for the industry remain reserved.


PP TSG = polypropylene structural foam
HIPS = high impact polystyrene
Further details regarding material can be found in our material data sheets.


Material Information
Designation Flange Ø Barrel Ø Central bore Ø Width Winding width Flange thickness Winding-
Central bore Ø
tapered part
d1 [mm] d2 [mm] d3 [mm] L1 [mm] L2 [mm] S [mm] V [cm³] d4 [mm] d5 [mm] E1 [mm]
Tension ring 530/340 530 530 340 7
Tension ring TR 490/334 554 490 334 35 2
Tension ring 490/340 580 490 340 12.7 7.7
Tension ring TR 570/334 630 570 334 35 2
Tension ring 570/380 660 570 380 10.4 5.4
Tension ring TR 615/334 675 615 334 35 2
Tension ring TR 645/334 705 645 334 35 2

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